About Us

Mark Christensen has been an independent economic consultant for the last 17 years, Headshotspecialising in economic reform, strategy, project management and stakeholder relations. He has a unique and distinctive blend of policy, commercial and government experience and believes there is great potential to integrate philosophical principles, such as those relating to purpose and the limits of knowledge, into everyday business practices. Prior to consulting he was at Queensland Treasury and before that the Industry Commission (now the Productivity Commission).  Since 2005, has has also provided political, economic and social commentary in the Australian media – and more recently in the United States.

Specific consulting capabilities include:

  • Strategy/Management consulting – Strategy development relating to corporate direction, cultural change and stakeholder management.
  • Advisory – Direct involvement in commercial negotiations and transaction work, including preparation of business cases, Board material and the assessment of risk-adjusted rates of return.
  • Project Management – Holistic management of commercial projects involving a mix of financial, legal, risk assessment and regulatory skills.
  • Regulation – Experience with developing regulatory frameworks within government, regulatory approval applications and the ‘big picture’ constraints of regulation.
  • Report Writing – Excellent report writing skills, including presentation of complex ideas in a succinct and informative manner.


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