I’m in the process of writing a book on the nature of reality and why there is Something Rather Than Nothing. It’s working title: “The Divine Dilemma: The Story of why only Story Matters (or Why Reality is Unintelligible by Design)”.

My theodicy has two parts.

Part A: The West has consistently rebelled against the spiritual nature of ultimate reality, the troubling fact that things are always more than they seem.  In the process, we have necessarily forgotten the importance of Being.  Ironically, this futile worldly striving – evident today in the impressive achievements of science and technology – has connected all of humanity, thus presenting the unique and theologically valuable opportunity for a simultaneous and universal “surrender” based on a shared understanding of why reality is an apparent absurdity.  This article offers a summary.

Part B: A rational account of why it is Man possesses reason and language, is able to frame metaphysical questions about life and reality, and yet is unable to satisfactorily answer them. This involves a recasting of Plato’s Demiurge/the Fall in such a way that solves the riddle of how an all-powerful, all-knowing Creator could, in some satirical fashion, need the help of his long-suffering creation to make things whole again.

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