Extreme men

Maureen Dowd rightly asks, in her latest op-ed, why Republicans are intent on hounding out women voters. It’s complex.

I think men believe we’re on a mission from God to understand why we are here, why there is something rather than nothing. And to achieve this goal we must invest absolutely in the power of reason.

Women are a (perceived) problem for us because they seem to be hardwired to favour intuition over reason, the heart over the head. This is distracting.  Men have the ability to feel but it’s infinite nature is assumed to be a threat, since it can overwhelm reason and lead to “purely emotional” decisions. Politics cannot give primacy to what feels right. Imagine where Western Civilisation would be if Man had followed such a philosophy?!

Having women around can therefore jeopardise Man’s purpose.  Since his quest, should he succeed, benefits women too, he can easily justify control, demanding you stay in kitchen and don’t temp him too much (sex is the greatest destroyer of reason going!).

Yes, America is entering a new era. I think many, especially extremists, feel the window for completing the mission is about to close, so more retrograde measures are required. Such men are too detached to see the damage they are doing or the fact that it may be poor politics.

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