Media diversity straw man

Julia Gillard and Stephen Conroy have done the chattering classes a favour by limiting the scope of the media inquiry.

Those who don’t like News Ltd media need a reason to impose their will, so they come up with the fact that Murdoch controls 70 per cent of metropolitan newspapers.

So what. There are plenty of other sources of content.

In economics, assessing market domination first requires one to define “the market”.

The market for information and opinion is vast, near endless. The internet gives access to numerous media sources, blogs and forums. There are several 24 hour TV news services. I don’t have to read The Australian or Daily Telegraph to be informed.

Yes, the quality of the information varies and there is a trend towards different media running the same story. But this doesn’t limit the potential for diversity.

The fact that it’s difficult for an independent to get elected to parliament is not a sufficient reason to change the system in an attempt to end the domination of the two major parties.

The true force behind the media inquiry is a large section of ALP/Green voters can’t stand that large numbers of Australians actual read New Ltd papers and listen to radio personalities such as Alan Jones. It’s not about media diversity, it’s about control.

A proper inquiry would dismantle the media diversity straw man, leaving thousands without something to whine and complain about.

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