Thinking In Public

Here is an excellent review from Jon Baskin of “Thinking In Public” by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft. It asks what is the value/purpose of the public intellectual. Can our thoughts be useful in a political sense?  What role does philosophy play in public life? Can what we say matter, or is the only thing that is important, what we do?

My comments:

To be a genuine public intellectual is to have the “courage” to renounce power, having first rationalised and accepted the radically sceptical nature of reality.

This philosophical view cannot be distilled into public life. Contra Arendt, it is absolute. If can only be lived as Heideggarian Existentialism in the moment, as a response to a call that comes from within and from beyond.

What can be publicly shared, however, is why we lack a political solution, by design.

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