Wild Bill and Intellectual Ignorance

I was (re)watching season 1 of Deadwood last night.

Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed after doing some killing of his own.

The preacher presiding over his burial tells those attending that he sought an answer to why men lust for blood-shed.

“But I did not know,” he says. “And don’t know the purpose now. But know now to testify that.”

Then: “Not knowing – I believe.”

After going though St Paul’s famous universal-particular analogy of the interdependency of the parts of the body – 1 Corinthians 12 – he closes with:

“I believe in God’s purpose: not knowing. I ask him – moving in me – to allow me to see his will. I ask him: moving in others, to allow them to see it.”

What’s interesting is that all this can be easily recast in non-God/modern secular terms: let go, testify to your utter intellectual ignorance, be present and what is expected of you will be revealed …


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